an instance or manner of greeting someone.

it’s lovely to meet you.

I’ve had this blog for a while, and I’ve been unsure of where I’ve wanted it to go but, I’ve finally come to realise after giving it some thought, and spending time with God that

I want to sit with people in their pain. I want to sit with the grieved, the hurt, the unloved and the outcasted. 

I want to stop running, and I don’t want to be comfortable. so, this blog, these words, these poems are for you. they’re for you, when you may feel alone, or that you aren’t loved, or that you haven’t got any worth. I want you to be reminded that I love you, and that there are people in your life that love you too. and I hope that maybe, sharing my story, and giving you bits of my heart will help you to heal, and remind you of how amazing you are. 

so, look around and spend as much time as you want. it’s an honour to spend time with you.