today, I stood in church worshipping amongst fellow believers and some non-believers, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt more at home or at peace than I did then. the other day, I painted my nails a deep green colour, wore my favourite mustard yellow jumper and made coffee in my favourite deep brown mug. I felt warm, I felt at home, I felt at peace, I felt like


through this week I’ve realised how important first steps are, and also how much I  value routine and consistency. among this, many things in my life have come to surface that I need to confront head on in order to become the woman that I know, I am capable of becoming. I know, and I’m aware, that although I’ve just come out of a messy and uncomfortable season of life, I’m about to head into a stage of refinement and it’s going to be incredibly uncomfortable for me. 

in this, God wrote a statement on my heart this week, that I couldn’t seem to shake off: 

find your comfortable in the uncomfortable


I didn’t get what it meant at first, and then I realised that all the things that I’ve been doing this week, have been me finding my comfortable in the uncomfortable. I’ve realised I thrive best within a routine and consistency; I like deep, earthy colours, that connect me to the earth, and bring out my skin tone. they reflect how I feel within; I love worshipping, I love spending time with God and sitting with Him, getting to know and understand Him, and deepen my relationship with Him; I love reading, I love escaping from reality and seeing things through the eyes of another person. I’ve found my comfortables in the uncomfortable season that I’m entering, and it’s made everything easier to deal with, sit with and acknowledge. 

so when life feels like a mess, when it feels out of your control, and you don’t know who or where to turn to; take time to sit with yourself, and dig deep. find the things that bring you comfort, even if it’s little things that may seem silly to others. it’s not about them, it’s about you and how you feel. and in finding your comfortable in the uncomfortable, you can not only keeping taking steps forward, but also thrive in the season that you are currently in. 

go, take that first step.

find your comfortable in the uncomfortable, and dig deep, and dig well.


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