what have you to lose from discovering yourself and finding out who you really are within? from loving yourself, and giving all that you do, your all? from regaining back strength, control and consistency in your life? from loving others, from the depths of your heart? from giving to others all that you have, and in the midst of doing so, reminding yourself that you deserve, 

just as much love?

darling, what have you to lose? can you not answer the question? can you not realise that in knowing who you are, you have everything to gain? even if failure is a result, or embarrassment, or pain, you have gained and not lost. you have gained knowledge, understanding and empathy. what have you to lose from taking more care of yourself? from being more conscious of your thoughts and what you put in your body, and what you allow into your mind? 

darling, what have you to lose? 

because, I know that you know the answer, yet you are afraid of what may come of it from knowing more about yourself, from digging into the depths of your soul to find the things that you have buried for years. darling, what have you to lose from building on your talents, and becoming the woman that you so desperately want to be? the woman, that you can see and is just about in your grasp but, every time you reach out to touch her she slips from your fingers – because, 

you don’t want her enough.

 and she won’t hold you back, she won’t reach out, too, if she doesn’t feel valued. if she doesn’t see that you are strong enough to know how to appreciate and love her, fully. darling, what have you to lose from loving yourself? what have you to lose from reaching the highest tower that you initially deemed impossible? that everyone else said “no! don’t do it, you don’t have it in you. nobody has ever done it before.” darling, since when did you listen the opinion and demands of others. you laugh, because your answer is: always. maybe it’s time to stop, and 

start listening to yourself.

and if you don’t know how to or can’t hear your own voice within you, then you must dig and dig and train yourself to hear her. you must train yourself to know and recognise her, and how she is feeling, what she is saying; and above all, you must listen to her. and it may be hard and heart wrenching, and you may fall many times and may feel like you  won’t reach the top of the mountain. but, I’ll tell you that it’s the journey, the process, that you should embrace and train the hardest for.

you will see the changes within you,

and in the end, if there ever is one, it will be the changes within you that will be what you strive towards. it won’t be reaching the top of mountain, but rather what it took you to climb that mountain. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you a human being, took 9 months to form, and the rest of your life to continue growing internally, and externally. how then, can you expect such change and realigning to take place instantly?! but, I’ll ask again, what have you to lose? what you to lose from gaining yourself? what have you to lose from just starting?

darling, what have you to lose? 


2 thoughts on “but darling, what have you to lose?

  1. That was beautiful, and something I needed to read.

    I’m a newly-awakened empath, and there are still deep-rooted issues that I have to work on; believing in myself is one of them. Thank you for this. This is something I needed.

    Much love and light to you!

    Liked by 1 person

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