I wish I could give you the right words to comfort you during your pain, but I can’t. I’m not qualified to do that, because like you, I’m hurting too. I’ve held the weight and expectations of others, and myself on my shoulders, and it’s weighed me down. it weighed me down into the depths of depression, and in finding the root – I am free, and I’m running towards the Light. my heart feels free, it feels rested, it feels at peace and I haven’t felt this way ever.

I thought my hurt didn’t qualify me to help you – but, my weakness and vulnerability are the very things that enable me to sit here, and give you a hand in understanding that: you have worth, and your hurt, pain, sorrow, they won’t last forever.

I think the most important thing is to simply allow yourself to be. for you to understand that you’re allowed to feel the way that you do. let yourself cry, let yourself be angry. but, don’t romanticise your pain. don’t remain in the depths of your pain, because it will swallow you up and it’ll be the only thing that you’ll identify yourself as.

you need to heal.

and allowing the pain, hurt and sorrow to come and be, should be the same way that you allow them to leave, too. you can’t live your life through other’s expectations. you can’t hold the world on your shoulders. you can only be yourself. only you can allow yourself to heal fully. I don’t know who has hurt you, I don’t know what you’re healing from, but right now I’m telling you to

let it go.

free yourself from it. let yourself heal. it may not feel like it now, but it will be ok. you’ve gone through days where you thought you wouldn’t see tomorrow, but look at you! you’re here. and you’ll get through this day, you’ll get through tomorrow.

life happens, things happen, and as humans we are so weak – but you have to remember that getting through life is not in your own strength. allow yourself to be. allow yourself to feel, and from there comes healing. the worst has happened, and it may be yet to come. but, it’ll be ok in the end. regardless,

it’ll be ok.


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