so, I had it all planned out in my head to write some sort of motivational post about how you are more than capable of achieving your dreams, and you have it within you to succeed and get your dream job. but,

let’s be real.

I’ve procrastinated so much, and exams are getting closer and for some reason, I’m not panicked or fussed. I have no idea why I’m not, because it’s my future and I need to get my s*** together, but I’m just so un-bothered by it all. this probably isn’t what you want to hear, it’s not what I want to write, but I’m not here to sugarcoat life.

I hate coursework, because it doesn’t reflect my full abilities. I like exams better than I like coursework, but exams stress me out and give me anxiety, and I honestly don’t know what my method of consuming knowledge is. I don’t know how to revise. and I know that doing well gets me where I want to be, but that doesn’t seem to move me either.

so, here’s the deal, from me to you and from me to me:

just get up and do it.

we have spent the majority of our lives in the education system, doing things we do and don’t like and being forced to press all our knowledge into an exam paper that doesn’t even test everything that we’ve learnt over the year. in my opinion, it’s a stupid way to test knowledge and intelligence. but that’s our system, and we’ve got to work with it.

the key is discipline. discipline is doing things even when you don’t want to. just getting up, and doing it. setting a certain amount of time to do that thing that you really don’t want to do, and just doing it regardless of how you’re feeling that day. I, personally, am re-learning discipline. you would think that being disciplined throughout your primary and secondary education would make you a disciplined adult, but it’s by far the truth. it’s an everyday thing, and it requires effort, even when you don’t have the effort. 

friend, you do have it within you to succeed and be the best. but, talent can only get you so far. discipline is the key to success, and maybe you only have a couple of days or weeks to cram for exams and you’re panicking:

  • STOP.
  • get some water
  • get some coffee/tea
  • get your act together 
  • repeat after me:
  • I have it within me to succeed. I may not like this now, but my efforts will be rewarded, and it’s only for a short amount of time. I can do this. I am capable. I am an intelligent and amazing human being. I will no longer doubt myself and my abilities. I’m going to start where I can, and focus on the task at hand. I will put my all into it, and know that I’ve done the best that I can. I am capable. I have worth. I can do this.

  • now, go and start.

we can do this. we can and we will. partly because we don’t really have a choice, but also because our future is in our own hands. people tell us that we are doing this for ourselves, and that’s partly true, but we also do it for the people to come in our future. the patients that we will help; the pupils that we will teach; the readers that we will inspire; the people that we will save;  the people that we will free from the unfair justice system; the people that will be touched by our music.

we do this for the path we want to take and the people that we will help when we get there.

it’s overwhelming, I know – but this is bigger than us, and I need you to look within yourself, evaluate yourself and give yourself some goals, even if it’s just for the day.

show up for yourself, and start where you can.

you started, and that’s the hardest and most important step. so, let’s do this.


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