I’ve found myself longing to be in a relationship lately; and within that sentence I seem to feel as if I should justify that I am content in my singleness. I am, I love being single but, that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel a little ache in my heart when I read romance books, or see little signals that married couples, or just couples in general, give one another.

the hand on the small of the other’s back, the hand holding and the forehead kisses. I’m not in love with the idea of being in love. I know what love is, and it’s not a feeling – it’s far from a feeling.

I just long to have my person. the one who gets my strange jokes, and catches my facial expressions when I don’t agree with something, or someone. my person that knows me, and doesn’t say a word in the pits of my depression. he knows that he doesn’t have to say anything; that we both just need to be, and that’s all that matters in that moment.

to feel our hearts connecting, and growing  closer over the years. to be intertwined and spend eternity together. I don’t know him, but I am so in love with him and  sometimes, I wish life would hurry up, and fast forward so  we can spend each moment together; to start building our life together.

sometimes, I wish I had my person now. but, for now, I’ll love him from afar – because that’s the best that I can currently do.


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