life is happening.

it’s happening at such a fast pace, and I’m unsure of how to handle such movement. people are moving on, they’re finding new forms of love, they’re finding their passions and themselves – things that will fill their hearts and their lives.

we’re growing up.

that’s the most blatant and shortest way to put it. we’re growing – we’re far off from being willow trees, but we are currently the roots, the foundation. and the choices that we are making are the ones that mold us into the people that we are going to be for the rest of our lives. the shape of our roots, and where we plant ourselves determine how our own personal tree will grow.

the right conditions are important. the right people are important, when it comes to our growth. life is moving so quickly, and I just want to sit and freeze time in this very moment.

that’s the thing about growing up – you learn to embrace the present moment. you learn to cherish the now, because goodness knows when you’re going to have a moment alone again. or, when you’ll see your loved ones again. we’re all so busy trying to get somewhere, but do even know where we’re going anymore?

we’re running toward people, places, goals, things that aren’t guaranteed to be here forever. we get so caught up with the chase that we don’t even know what or who we’re chasing anymore.

we lose sight of where we’re going.

in all, I want to spend more time in the present. I want to spend time separating my emotions from the truth; nostalgia from my memories. because life is so fast paced, and I’m tired of running.

so, for now, I’m just going to sit and let the rain pour. I’ll enjoy it’s comfort and just let it be, because such is life and all we can do, is just let it be.


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