today, I’m thinking about you.

I’ve been thinking about the hand holding moments and your hand on the small of my back when you pass me by. the 12am cuddles and midnight talks, with me stroking a finger along your arm and hopefully transferring my love and energy into you – making you know, and understand how loved you are. 

I’m excited to spend these moments with you. I must admit, I haven’t been thinking about you an awful lot lately. I’ve been enjoying my alone time, mainly because I’ve grown a whole lot as a woman. I’ve grown and I’m growing into myself and I’m falling in love with the woman I’m becoming; but tonight,

you’re on my mind. I see the other couples and I can’t help but long for you. I’m waiting and preparing myself for the moments when I know that you love me, and that the love of our Creator grounds us and deepens our love for one another. I’m already reminiscent of the moments that we haven’t had, the moments that I get to share with you and I can almost feel and taste your touch on my arm, my lips, my hands, my soul. 

I feel connected to you, almost too much tonight; and I hope that wherever you are, you know that you are deeply, dearly and intensely loved.


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