share my poetry with you anymore.

I don’t want my heart and my mind to be critiqued. you don’t seem to understand that I don’t care about the grammar or the complexity of the words I could use. my vocabulary isn’t big, and for a reason. I don’t want to over complicate life, or my experiences with words I can’t relate to. my experiences have been far from easy or simple but, I want to meet people where they’re at.

I care about the feeling. I want people to feel comfortable within my words, I want it to feel like home. home, for the homeless; peace, for the aching; water, for those that are yearning. so, when I ask you what you think – I’m asking how my words make you feel. I’m not asking to be assessed or evaluated, but rather for you to meet me where I’m at. to see me within the words. 

I don’t show you my art because you’ll pick it apart, and in some way, it feels like you’re picking me apart. I don’t want to be picked apart, I want to be understood – I want you to meet me where I’m at. 


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