I have such a deep love for humanity.

occasionally, I understand and merely get a glimpse of why Jesus came to die for us. willingly taking on all of our sin and pain upon Himself because of his everlasting, radical and undying love for us.

the talent,
the beauty,
the potential

each and everyone of us has within us deserves a chance and should not be diminished by the enemy or those that work for him.

God made us in his image, and to have such opportunity to see one another everyday from

the rich to the poor,
the weak to the strong,
the ‘ugly’ to the ‘beautiful’

is to be in God’s very sight and presence, every moment of the day. we get a glimpse of the One who created us dwelling within each of us inwardly and outwardly, yet we still choose to hate one other rather than choose love over all things.

how His heart must break and bleed at the sight of

hatred and
killing and

of our behaviour towards ourselves and one another. how easily He could be embarrassed by us and discard our fragility and fickleness. choosing to run from Him every time, despite how much He’s fought for us to be here, today, in this moment. how much we doubt His

great power
and vastness

just for a moments pleasure that keeps drawing us back, but never satisfies us.
how messed up and loveable we are as a people. where the brokenness outweighs the goodness,

but yet He still chose us. He still chooses us everyday and He is not ashamed by us. what a marvellous and bold God we serve. how great is He.

how great is our God.


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