things have been good but my heart has been hurting an awful lot for the friendships and people that i’m unsure of. for those that are suffering, but their voices are being silenced. for the friends who claim to hold Christ first but rather push him to the side as if he’s not good enough, cool enough or big enough for this world, for you. my heart hurts immensely and the physical pain of it all is hurting my soul. my eyes can’t stop crying for the weak, for those who’s voices aren’t being heard and can’t be heard. maybe because I am one of them and crying out to my people won’t always mean that they’ll answer.

my heart hurts an awful lot. have I already said that? my heart hurts because we keep a facade on the outside and forget that the inside matters too. we want others to support us when we don’t support them too. we want to be heard and our voices to be raised, but we don’t give others the chance to do so too, because we silence them before they can even open their mouths. the double standards. the irony. the mess of it all. 

maybe tomorrow will be better, maybe my heart will stop hurting and trusting and loving people will become an easier thing.



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