I fell in love with a boy that I never thought I could love, I met with the Lord in the midst of a crowd of 7000 people worshipping Him as He spoke words of love to me and cleansed my pain while I lay curled up on the floor in tears of all the hurt that had been thrown at me in my 18 years of living.

I felt His love and the love of others completely fill my heart and my life admist the pain and sorrow this year and I couldn’t be more thankful for the part that love has played in me growing into this version of who I am. I am loved and I have worth. I cried and I conquered and you will cry and you will conquer, you will fight and you will win; and this I’ll tell you, is that you must not fear and you must not cower. hold your head high for this too shall pass and you will be more than ok.

‘courage, dear heart.’


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