• your pain is valid.
  • your pain is useful.
  • your pain is needed.

I know it all hurts now, I know that you may feel as if you don’t know yourself, as if people don’t care, as if there’s no point in trying because all we’re all really doing in this life is constantly running around in 


I get it, I understand because I feel your pain and it breaks my heart to know that you don’t realise how magnificent you are. you don’t see or realise your worth; and if only I could hold your heart, gently in my hands and care for it, sew it up, bandage it, nurture it while it aches and bleeds for love and acceptance. for freedom and peace. to be able to run and not care. to love and not hurt. and I’m telling you now, that the day will come

eventually. but you can’t get anywhere without pain. you can’t get anywhere knowing how to accept, feel and give love, without truly knowing how it feels to be completely rejected and isolated from it. you can’t truly know its very depths without all the pain and brokenness that life throws at you.

your pain is valid. it’s important and it may not seem like it now, but a time will come when all that love that you have within you will be shared and accepted by someone, and others somewhere. your pain is valid, you are worthy. this life is yours, it’s yours to have and it may hurt now, but only God knows the joy that is to come. so, please I beg you,

hold onto that joy.


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