sometimes, I wish you’d bother to see things from my view. sometimes, I wish you were proud to call me yours.

I wish you’d realise how much I picked myself apart. my size, my body, who I was. I attacked my home and you never really noticed. you wanted me to fit into your box of what you felt I should be. in your box, that I really could never fit in because I’m too big a person for you to size me down into something so

small, plain and insignificant. 

I am more than the person you tried to define, my personality is too big to fit into four corners and I refuse to let you size me down. I refuse to be a lesser version of myself. your words and actions may hurt, but I’ve learnt how to heal, properly. without the scabs, without the bruising, without the wounds healing and then opening themselves up I’ve learnt how to care for myself, I’ve learnt how to heal. I am my own person, I am

beautiful, bold and loved.

don’t ever size me down because, I refuse to accept it. I refuse to fit into your boxes.


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