I can’t allow depression and how I feel about myself to let me stay stagnant in life. I can’t let me giving love to other people who won’t reciprocate it, let me hate who I am. I can’t let this world and it’s expectations of me let me procrastinate with my purpose and my life. 

I am tired of running in circles, with myself, with people, with life and my environment and I am so done with not doing anything and merely being a passerby in this life. I choose to take an active role in my life because I am tired of getting hurt and hurting myself. I am tired and I am done. 

if only I learnt that keeping control and only holding onto God are the things that make this all worth it, would I have been further in my life by now. I’m tired and I’m angry and I won’t be this person anymore. I refuse to be her. 

there will be something new within me. the spark has been lit and it’ll keep burning. nobody and nothing can burn my flame. I am a child of God and I am worth something. I am worth fighting for. I am worth loving. 


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