this year has ripped my heart apart and I’ve been aching for love, for comfort and I’ve sought it in the wrong places, from the wrong people. I feel as if God has been constantly holding me up but has also been at my side, peeling me apart and stripping every bit of shame, anger, pain, sorrow, hurt that I’ve been feeling for goodness knows how long. my heart hurts but my Father is healing it. Yahweh is taking me and holding me so close while performing a surgery on my inner workings, He’s replacing my heart with a new one, my eyes with new ones. He’s taking every part of me and placing himself within me, He’s healing me from the inside out. because, 

He loves me. He loves me so much and He chooses me. He chooses me every single day and every single second since before I was born. my heart is hurting, but it’s also healing.


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