I haven’t been myself for a while, and I don’t think I’ll ever be that person again. I used to think that was a bad thing. I thought returning to the dedicated, devoted and disciplined girl I was, was the only way to move forward. And, maybe that’s what prohibited me from growing. I was trying to regain and recreate the past rather than simply acknowledge it, analyse it, see what went wrong, what changed and where, and learn to take this in, accept it, and progress forward.

We are ever growing human beings and I’ve learnt that I need to learn to let go, to leave the past in the past, to let the future form, not by me worrying or stressing about it, but rather by letting this present moment pass by, and using me, here, right now to my complete advantage. Teaching my current being how to let life simply be and to just let God do His thing.

I can’t go back to being the girl I was because she didn’t know love to its fullest. Her version of love had been tainted, and a midst the pain this year, she has re-learnt how to love and has been reminded of what love truly is.

Growth, is a process, it never stops even a midst a season of being stagnant, we are growing. But, you can’t rush this process, you’ve got to let it be and simply accept it as it is and use it to your advantage. growth is a lot of things, it’s personal to each one of us and therefore it means something different to each person and that’s ok. Growth hurts, it feels great too, it can also be painful but it’s part of life, and who we are. We must learn to be soft and mettle; we must learn to accept the process, and therefore accept ourselves.

Accept the process, accept yourself.


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