I can’t imagine how much our Father must cry in a day let alone a lifetime. how much He cries at the brokenness and the loneliness in this world, the greedy and the lost in this place. how much He wants to reach His hand out to those that can’t see Him, or refuse to believe in His existence and say “my child, I am with you and I love you.” 

why do we choose to deny the Lord’s existence when we know that deep in our hearts there is something that yearns for something more than us, bigger than us? something that makes us question that a few explosions and sheer luck has brought us to exist in this place in the galaxy. just luck?  why do we go to such great lengths to disprove the existence of something/someone if it/He is not already there? how can you disprove someone or something’s existence if it does not already exist?

I don’t know how much His heart must hurt for this world, I know my heart breaks at the ways of this world. it is so broken, we are so broken and I don’t know or understand why or how He continues to love us despite it all. how can you hate someone who still loves you despite all the things you’re ashamed of? despite all the hurt you’ve caused yourself or others? how can you hate Him when He sent His only Son to die for you, and yet He still loves you? how can you hate Him? 


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