there’s something about a man worshipping, praying & loving God, that warms my heart. it gives me hope, because in this moment, in this time, his guards are down and it’s so beautiful. it’s beautiful because he’s not scared, or worried about feelings or how ‘manly’ he looks. he has completely surrendered himself to the One that makes this life worth living for. he surrenders himself to our Father, and chooses love over pride, over lust, over hate, over anger, over pain, over hurt. he chooses love, and he continues to choose love.

how can I not fall in love with someone that loves the Lord like I do? that surrenders to Him, every single day and leads his life not by his urges, but by what our Father has placed in His heart; because when he loves the Lord more than he loves me, it is then that I know he loves me too. he loves me, he honours me & he respects me.

a man that loves the Lord, truly and unashamedly, is a man that knows what love is, he is not scared, he is not ashamed, he is not embarrassed of who the Lord has made him to be, and I  find that so breathtakingly beautiful.


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