sometimes I get caught up in the idea that I’m not good enough for this world. I am too different to others. because I’d rather sit at home and read than go out and get drunk; because I like my own space, and I’d fight for me to spend some time alone with myself; because I’d rather have only one person who I give my all to than to have continuous flings with goodness knows who; because I’m a soul person, I’m a home person and I can’t help but feel as if me being so makes me strange. if it makes me too different. if it makes me unlovable. because I don’t know how to be in this new place, this new world. making new connections means me opening my heart and I want to guard it more than anything. I want people who understand me, I want someone who understands me. I am so drained in every aspect that carrying on with daily tasks is deemed questionable.

God help me.


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