that it is ok to unapologetically
be yourself.

to love the skin that you are
born into, to alter its
appearance, and use your body
as a canvas.

to use your mind, and your
soul as a gateway to loving
others, in turn letting them
love themselves; from their
curly kinky tough hair, to their pale
white skin.

I am learning,

that I can decorate my body,
my soul, my mind without
damaging my very being. I
can decorate my body with
clothes and jewellery that reflect
who I am as a person,

who I am, and who I wish to
be. because I don’t simply
just put clothes, jewellery,
shoes, nail varnish, make up

to hide who I am, to forget
who I am, but rather
to express and enhance
my beauty. to take the
brush that the Painter has
used to form me, and
to continue to add to it,

unapologetically and
beautifully. I know the
Painter took time with me
so I will do my all to continue to
show the beauty that He has created.

I am learning,

that you should embrace
your very being and learn
to express the person
that you are inwardly,

because, in the end you will
attract those that connect
with you, and goodness
knows how beautiful and
extravagant that masterpiece
will be?

do not shy away from who
you are, or who you are created
to be – embrace & marvel at your
beauty because every single day
the Painter does.

I am learning,

that beauty is
knowing, embracing and
loving who you are.

I am learning that,

I am beautiful,
I am fragile,
I am vulnerable,
I am weak,
I am strong.



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