on the days that you don’t feel like doing it anymore, do it; because that’s the day that you learn that light shines through the darkness. the days when you feel like falling into a hole and not coming out, or reaching out to people for help, do it.

so often we hide, we hide from our potential, we hide from our future, we hide from those we care, we hide from ourselves. don’t do it anymore, because it sucks the life out of you. when it feels like you want to draw further away from the world and those around you, don’t do it. this is the time when you need to lean onto God, and onto them more than ever.


through the storm, the rough seasonal changes let go, and get out of your comfort zone. it’s scary and it may feel strange, but you’ll thank yourself for it when it makes you stronger. remember that those around you care, they care more than you think and they want to listen and help if they can. don’t take them for granted, and stop pushing yourself to the ground, when you should be lifting yourself up. 

keep your head up.


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