there are days like this, when I feel less of myself but, all of myself at once. when I ponder and wonder what is this life, really?

what is life? because the days just sift through and I feel like flour being added to cake batter, once so selfish and pure, to be dumped into a sticky, dirty mess – which brings out something much greater than itself. a cake; in all its uniqueness and softness – a cake, which shows that together, we are better because you see, life isn’t meant to be for us to sift through on our own. as flour, is made for something greater – as are we. flour, was not made to be eaten on its own, but rather to bring some structure and format to something bigger than itself.

so, for days like this I must remember that I am flour; and although I wonder whether I am needed or not, the question has already been answered:

I am needed, and I am important.

I am flour, and I am important.


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