being with you made my world light up (it still does), as if I was a firefly and all that was guiding me was the light of our other fireflies; wandering into the dark with no care of what’s ahead or what may be a danger. 


and darling, that’s how my love for you feels. that’s how I feel every time I give you a piece of my heart without caring if you even want to try and fit into the puzzle too, without knowing whether you care if our puzzles pieces could even attempt to fit with the others. & you still have my heart, because I’ve placed it in your hands and trusted you with it, I’ve trusted you to feed it and nurture it, without first attempting to care for it myself: and I’m sorry.

I’m sorry, because I’m learning that the only way to let love work, to let life work out better; is to love yourself as well as others, to know and understand and care for yourself and others that it becomes second nature to you. darling, you light up my world, & I want to light yours up too, but you see, my light still needs some fixing because it’s dimming and it’s been getting darker. but, I don’t worry because my light source isn’t reliable, there is another and we all cling to It more than anything; and i really hope that you cling to It too. I really hope that one day while we’re both clinging, that we can finally join hands and compliment, rather than complete the other.


so for now? i’ll be right here, waiting and improving so we can both fall in love with who we are, as well as one another.


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