I find moving on really hard. 

for me to say that I’m still somehow hung up and still in love with you after two years of remembering the reoccurring image of you fucking another girl, is a sad and sorry sight.

it still plays in my mind, and it’s sad because I don’t know how many more there were, but I still love you, because you made me feel like more than enough. you made me feel like I was the only one for you even when I was hurting the most. I never thought that you could break my heart so much.

I only feel and choose to love now because you forced me into this place. But now, boys won’t love me because I feel too much. Will I ever be right for anybody in this world? 

I just wanted to meet you, I wanted to feel your pain and hurt and wipe your tears away when you were hurting, but I pushed you away, and I am so so sorry. I wish I could have been better for you. Better and closer so that you could want me more, that you could love me more rather than me pushing you into the arms of another lover. 

maybe it was that I just was never enough for you, and I’m not sure that I’ll ever be enough for anyone again.


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