I’m sorry if I don’t understand, 

and will continue to not understand

what makes my life any less valuable because of the colour of my skin. 



what gives you the right to judge me because my

skin isn’t the same colour as yours? 



am I not a human being too?

do I not also breathe the same air as you?

or my body work the same way as yours? 



 do I not need sleep, and to

eat and to

drink and to

live in a house like you do? 



do I not deserve

the same opportunities as you?

or to have the same standard as life as




 do I not have the same

basic needs

as you? to feel

loved and be loved? to feel

safe and

cared for? 




do I simply not deserve any of those things

because you are scared of my skin colour not being the same as yours? 



 because, yes, I had a choice.

I had a choice to be born into a world where before I’m even born,

I am judged,

my family is judged

because our skin is simply not the

“desired” colour of skin in this world. 



because some people decide to

hate me

based on the colour of skin

I did not get to choose.

they decide to

hate me

without even knowing who I am. 



you don’t get to pick and choose who deserves life.

that is not your choice,

and you don’t get to judge me based on the colour of my skin,

because ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is dangerous.



you no longer have a choice to be

ignorant in this world, because that ignorance could be

the end of you.



our eyes have to be


because we have to speak for those who can’t.

those who are scared, because



I am tired

of the hate in this world.

I am tired, and I am angry.



what gives you the right to judge me

based on the colour of my skin?



who gave you the right?


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