So, I have officially finished school. 

I no longer have exams. Prom has happened. I turn 18 in 5 days. 

I’ve pondered on the idea of writing about school and the exam season in general. I say pondered because I was unsure of why I would want to reminisce about the idea of a place that I was in someways, glad to finally leave and not look back at. However, once my last exam was done, and prom had happened – I was actually quite sad.

You see, we spend so much time in secondary school/high school/whatever you call it, wishing to leave. We wish to leave so we can find out who we are, without the routine, without being around the people that we dislike the most, without being around adults that treat us as if we are one of them, and then also treat us as if we are children too. It’s honestly made me wonder: why do we spend so much time wishing, rather than just doing what we want the most in the moment? 

Yes, school keeps us in a closed box and makes us a slave to the system, but I can honestly say that the best times I’ve had have been in school. The best people I’ve met, I’ve met in school (that includes teachers too). We forget that everyone is still trying to figure it out. Our teachers are still trying to figure it out, our leaders are still trying to figure it out, celebrities are still trying to figure it out – and we probably may never actually ‘figure it out’. Some people have taught me that we shouldn’t just wait for a certain stage in our life to pass until we can actually do something, until we can actually live. If you want to go to that concert, go. If you want to start up a music career, start. If you want to stay up all night reading a book, do it. If you want to paint, go paint. If you want to learn that new piece of music, go and learn it. 

We allow school to put us in a box, and keep us closed and a slave to the system. We allow it because we know no better and we really need to learn that this life is our own. This life is our own to do as we please, while getting a good education, and finding ourselves along the way; and even if we can’t get the education we want/need, that’s okay too. The education system isn’t for everyone.

You can’t spend your life living inside a box, being afraid to take a step into the unknown. We can’t stay in our comfort zones forever, we need to learn to live outside of the box and outside of ourselves; because I don’t know about you, but my best memories have come from when I’ve lived outside of my box. When I realised that there is more to life than being ‘safe’. 

I don’t really know where I’m going with this post, if I’m being honest. I guess that I’m just trying to say that life is a challenge. Nothing is easy, and it doesn’t come easy but it is so so so worth it in the end, if we pursue and keep pressing forward with what means the most to us. And, now that I’ve finished school, I’ve realised that me discovering myself has been a continuous process, and it will carry on being a continuous process; and, there’s nothing wrong with that. 


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