Currently, I’m tired of the world.
I’m tired of being judged.
I’m tired of ignorance.
I’m tired of people.
I’m tired of working
I’m tired of feeling guilty.
I’m tired of being told the way I am,
Is not okay,

That I have to be a size 4,
Or either incredibly curvy with a tiny waist.
I’m tired of life,
I’m tired of this world.
But, who am I to say anything?
I have a home,
I have food,
I have an education,
I have a loving family,
I have friends,
And i’m doing okay.

I’m tired of it meaning that,
I have nothing to be sad or worried about,
Or even feel,
Because I live in a “developed” country.
Sometimes, words aren’t enough
To express or explain the way
Things are.
I’m tired,
I am a teenager,
I am a girl,
I am me,



And I am tired
Of everyone and everything.
I’m tired of seeing the beautiful
Not seeing their beauty –
I’m tired of others not seeing their beauty.
I’m tired of the talented,
The smart,
The imaginative, being
Downtrodden because they wish to
Express themselves, love themselves
Because they don’t conform.

I just wish, that people would open their eyes,
Really open them, and
See what’s staring them in the face.
I’m tired, and currently,
I don’t know what to do about it

They tell us to be ourselves,
But they hate it when
We don’t conform.


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