We spend our lives looking through,


Hoping that some will

“like” or “favourite” our photos, our words.

We’ve spent so much time conforming to the patterns of society,

rather than living and being  ourselves.

And taking time to simply,



To remember that we are living, our

heart is beating every second to keep us alive,

and our immune systems are fighting goodness knows what, disease or infection.


And you may say that it’s ironic.


Ironic that I’ll post this on social media, that I’m doing this so that people see and “like”,

but, it’s not.

I write, I take photos, I care,

because I want people to know.


To know that they are loved.

They are loved despite,


the pain, heartbreak, anger and illness they may have in their lives.


There is so much pain, that we simply forget that –

we are alive.


Our lungs are working,

our nails are growing,

and our skin is protecting us.


We are beauty at its core, and we need to cherish





Because we don’t know what’s next.

We don’t know what’s going to happen; and the thought of that just

hurts my heart. It hurts for everyone, who is in pain, in anyway possible.


But, I want to say –

you are loved, and

I don’t want you to give up.



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